Who are we?



Up Next Promotions is a professional music promotion agency whose goal is to get you the exposure you deserve. We are a small team of marketers who work to spread your music organically bringing in real exposure for you and fans that last. We have been working with artist promotion since 2017. We have promoted for hundreds if not thousands of artists and have worked with some big labels like 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Columbia Records, and more!




How we Promote


Your song(s)/video will be promoted through SEO and customized direct advertisement based on your genre. We target the audience of your genre bringing in the most authentic results possible.


We do NOT use Spotify playlists to promote. The problem with Spotify playlists is most companies that advertise playlist placement has most, if not all bots as their playlist followers. They then add the streams themselves making it look like your streams are coming organically through the playlist.


Instead, we promote using customized direct advertisement and target people that are interested in your genre. It is a lot more effective than playlists and our artists seem to agree!





Why our customers love us


Customer Service


We always aim to provide the best customer service possible. Without you guys, our brand wouldn’t be possible. With that being said, we make sure to give everyone the best customer service we can. We try to get back to answer any questions you have as soon as possible. We love our customers and aim to have every single one come back consistently!


Delivery Speed


Another reason our clients love us is because of our initiative to start and finish your promotion in a timely manner. We understand that you want results as soon as possible, so we work to get started on your order as soon as the next day. Our promotions are all organic, so finishing a bigger package in a day or two is unrealistic, but we strive to finish as soon as possible. For more information on delivery time, please visit our FAQS page.


Quality of our Services


Unfortunately, many of our customers have mentioned to us how they have bought promotion in the past and did not receive results at all, or received results that were all from bots. This is a key difference in most promotion services when compared to Up Next. All of our promotions are 100% organic, and not only that, we make sure to target the audience of your genre. It’s important for artists to get their music in front of the right audience. Organic promotion is great and all, but you can’t beat organic promotion that includes targeted marketing for your audience.





We provide real and organic streams and views therefore everything is 100% safe for you. We also do not disclose any of our clients information or sell to third parties.