How does it all work?


Your song/video will be promoted through SEO and customized direct advertisement based on your genre. We target the audience of your genre bringing in the most authentic results possible.


For YouTube, will I only gain views, or more things such as likes, comments, and subscribers?


Since this is an organic promotion, we can assure you that you will see more than just views. The video is promoted through ads, so think of it like an ad. You don’t see tons of comments on ads, however some people like the ad and will give you a follow. With that being said, likes and subscribers are guaranteed and possibly some comments as well!


For Spotify, will I only gain streams, or will I have some monthly listeners as well after the campaign?


Since this is an organic promotion, we can assure that you will see more than just streams. Although we can’t force anyone to like your music, we guarantee you will see an increase in monthly listeners as well. From previous campaigns, we see an average of about 5-10% of streams turning into monthly listeners. Some can be lower and some higher, it depends on what the audience thinks of your music.


When will the campaign start? And how long will it take to complete?


You can expect to start seeing results from your campaign in as early as two to three days. Most campaigns are completed in 1-3 days after it starts. however, bigger packages can take about a week to two to fully complete.


I have a song/video coming out soon, but wanted to buy promotion now to set myself up, is that possible?


Absolutely! When ordering, instead of putting in your link to your song/video, you can put a link with your youtube channel or if for spotify, put the link to your account. Also be sure to add your release date and the song name or the album/EP title if it’s for an album/ep for spotify.


Do you promote specific genres only or all genres of music?


We promote all genres of music! We target specific audiences based on your genre, so no matter the genre, we can get you the recognition you deserve!


Do you promote any song or are there requirements?


As much as we would love to promote any song, depending on the quality there is a chance we will have to refund you. If we believe quality is not up to par and the promotion campaign wouldn’t be successful, we will let you know and refund your order ASAP.


What can I do if I still have a question that isn’t listed here?


If you still have a question, feel free to contact us! Click this link here —-> Contact us