Here are all of our organic Spotify promotion packages:


*Pricing reflects real streams promoted through SEO and customized direct advertisement based on your genre.


As this is an organic promotion, you will definitely gain some monthly listeners as well. We see an average of about 5-10% of streams to turn into monthly listeners. However, it is completely up to the audience. We have had some campaigns where the artist gains well over 10%.


To see some examples of our previous campaigns please visit our Previous Campaigns



Extra Small Package (2,000-4,000 streams) $49.99



Small Package (5,000-8,000 streams) $89.99



Medium Package (10,000-15,000 streams) $174.99



Large Package (20,000-35,000 streams) $299.99



Extra Large Package (50,000-75,000 streams) $599.99



Special Package (100,000-200,000 streams) $999.99